Aglianico the Barolo of the south

Aglianico the Barolo of the south
Aglianico is often referred to as the Barolo of the south. While this is quite flattering it is not a fair comparison. Aglianico is very robust, full bodied, complex and well balanced as is a fine Barolo however this is where the comparison seems to end. While Aglianico has many layers of aromas and flavors it is is decidedly more austere both in preparation and in production.
This ancient varietal is thought to be a either a Greek origin or possibly a native grape to Campania. Either way it is considered a wild grape that was later domesticated and then harvested.
Today you find this varietal throughout southern Italy; of course in its (possibly native) Campania, while also Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, and Sicily.
For many years this has been a blending grape or a simple table wine however as a single varietal it really represents a few outstanding characteristics and is quickly rising up the ranks for those in the know.
Aglianico is a food fine, meant to be paired with regional favorites. Enhancing while not overpowering. It's tends to be brick red in color with aromas of wild berries, violet, cocoa, leather, pepper and licorice. Flavors carry forward nicely from the nose, with good balance, some acidity, some tannins. Long lasting smooth, velvety finish.

Best when paired with wild game, rabbit, swardfish steak, ragu, pasta dishes and cassaroles. Also goes well with fine aged Italian cheese.

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