Nero D'Avola the noble grape of the Italian south

Nero D'Avola the noble grape of the Italian south

Nero d'Avola is literally translated to black (grape) of Avola; Avola is a town within the town of Siracusa (Syracuse), in the region of Sicily. In some circles this is also refered to as the black devil grape, perhaps it is because it is so dark in color or perhaps because it grows nearly out of control like a weed. Perhaps it is just a misguided translation as the word is similar to "Diavolo" or Devil.

In any event the varietal is of extreme importance to Sicily, first it is considered an indigenous grape and second it is just now being discovered as a true value and up and comer.

Tasting a wine such as this with reasonable tannins, smooth accents and plenty of complexity reminds me that wines do not need to overwhelming with pronounced woods and biting tannins. It somehow hints at pairing without nessesity; yet stands alone just terrifically, all the while not completely enveloping even the most rich and complex meals.

To accent this wine it is important to pair it with a equally rich, refined yet somehow simple food. Sauces with tomato bases and lamb or predatory fish, capers, olives and anchovy come to mind. When in Sicily I had and ingesting swordfish steak with a tomato sauce containing capers, scallions, olives and herbs. Yummy!
Buon Appetito e Salute'

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