Ravello (Are we in heaven?)

Ravello (Are we in heaven?) Or what? That's what my 3 year old son said as the day came to an end...

My trip to Ravello begged one very real question, am I in heaven right now? The place is magic, more so than something contrived like Disney or surreal like a Waterfall in Hawaii; there is just something absolutely unworldly and utopian about Ravello (at least as a visitor).
To start with there is the trek up from the cliffside road along the Amalfi coast. As you progress upward the road seems to narrow and the turns become more treacherous. However the glimpses you steal, in between your white knuckle driving, are breathtaking. The sea takes on a shiny, glistening, royal blue, while the buildings and trees and flowers seem to jump out like fireworks. Occasionally, or like every 30 seconds a bus whizzes bye, at speeds way too fast and way too close, only to be displaced by the high pitched buzz of a small red vespa speeding bye.
As you enter the Town of Ravello, after a confusing set of misplaced signs, awkward turns, misguided directions (from what looks to be a local, he was really from Germany just speaks Italian) you come to the entrance to what looks like a small tunnel made for toy cars. Yes drive right through just be sure to fold your mirrors, take the luggage off the roof and hold your breath as well as suck in that stomach (yes space is so tight through this tunnel this actually may help). Once in the Piazzetta you will find a grand Hotel, an amazing museum, a stunning arboretum, and ampetheatre and shops, restaurants, gelatarias, and cafes.
The views are amazing beyond words. Your sitting about 1500 feet above absolutely the most gorgeous sea, and perched high above the trees and hills here you are on this absolutely plush and virtually indescribable (with any form of due justice).
The first thing you need to do when you arrive is get an espresso and a gelato. Then you will have the energy to see all the sights. Head straight to the arboretum, then to the castle, then explore the ampetheatre.
After a day of sight seeing nestle down into one of those outdoor seats at one the the ristorantes or caf├ęs order a nice bottle of local white wine perhaps a nice Vermentino settle down after a long and amazing day.
Just make sure you stay more than one day. Because the next day you should spend shopping and just walking around this amazing Piazetta.
And yes you may very well be in heaven (Ravello, Italy)

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