Rome Walking tour "The Bernini walk"

Rome walking tour "The Bernini Walk"
Exploring Rome, Italy "the eternal city" is breathtaking as well as enlightening. To truly appreciate Rome you really need to touch to feel to walk. Someone can explain to you what a flower smells like and looks like, and they may be able to portray this in a very precise manner however only with physical inspection and critical investigation and interaction can one truly appreciate the flowers unique set of attributes.

Part of the walking tour is it gives you a start and end as well as a leading you through a series of areas common to locals and tourists alike. More intimate and authentic than the common tourist traps, the areas in between these sights offer and experience like no other.

One of my favorite authentic walks I've taken is the Bernini walk which guides you through a few very interesting, unique and gorgeous areas of Rome.
Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini or (Gian-Lorenzo) and his works are of significant importance to Rome. The artist produced timeless masterpieces which are seemingly dotted across every area of Rome.

There are three "works" I specifically suggest experiencing first hand.

Sant'Andrea al Quirinale (church): Located on Via del Quirinale, commissioned in the mid 1600's and constructed in 1661, with the finishing of the interior completed in 1670, designed by Bernini this church is an excellent example of the the Baroque style which is often defined as extravagant and wildly theatrical.

Santa Maria della Virroria (church): Ecstasy of Saint Theresa (sculpture) For me this was the most interesting; this church overwhelmingly unassuming, positioned on a busy intersection with churches on 3 of the 4 corners this diminutive structure is little, swarthy and at first glance looks to be closed. However in stark contrast to its exterior and it's rather utilitarian setting the inside of this church houses a few of the most spectacular and somewhat shocking art works in the whole world. The Ecstasy of St. Theresa is a stunning depiction of two attractive female figures, and it it truly is something that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Piazza Novona: Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi: The Piazza was built on the site of an ancient stadium, near the center of this former structure sits the fountain of four rivers. The center piece marking accenting and absolutely breathtaking setting for a community gathering center.

In order to truly soak in the Italian culture I suggest staying in Rome for several days, eating the foods the locals eat, drinking the wine the locals drink and living the life of the Roman citizen.
Along the way make sure you stop in a few cafe's, shops, stores and of course a gelateria. This will help you tap into your inner Roman and truly soak in this all encompassing experience.

And if you do nothing else visit the Colosseum and touch the walls, the dirt and the stone, it will move you in an unexpected manner. Trust me.

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