The art of making espresso

The art of making espresso:
The Italian version of croissants, Cornetto, are usually filled with cream, fruit such as Apricot, or chocolate (of course). These croissants are lighter, less greasy and usually less caloric than their French counterpart. Also in the base for the dough they add fruit preserves to add flavor and moisture, it also adds another beautiful layer of flavor. This bye the way is what I eat for breakfast everyday while I am in Italy. Light, slightly sweet, and very satisfying; and also the perfect compliment to espresso or cappuccino.

Really there are  7 major elements to creating the perfect espresso.

The beans- It is critically important to procure and utilize only the very best fresh whole beans (imported From Italy of course). These Italian roast espresso beans are a deeper darker roast than certainly American coffee, and most other types of applications as well. Additionally using fresh ground bean appreciably enhances the taste, consistency and flavor of the coffee.

The grinder- The grinder is of significant importance because of the necessity of grinding very fine, cut, beans, while not crushing, pulverizing or (bruising) of the beans. They are actually more delicate than you would think.

The machine- Simply stated it is an absolute essential to have a very high quality imported Italian espresso machine and grinder. Anything less will give you, well, less.

Filtered water only- As you may be aware espresso machines are not cheap, and they are expensive to fix; the number one problem with machines is hard water buildup. Once these tiny tubes become restricted the machine is useless and in many cases, unfixable.

The time and temperature- Many espresso machines come pre calibrated for brewing time and temperature; however even the best machines may need slight adjustment due to variations in surroundings, area temperatures, humidity, altitude and other factors.

The setting and company (people)- Coffee is a very social, interactive experience. So make sure you do it in great company.
What you have with it- Always have at least a biscotti to accompany your espresso. Furthermore, if your local coffee house does not serve espresso with a complimentary mini biscotti you need to find a new cafe. Better yet other an authentic Cornetto.

Buon Appetito 

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