The case for Italian Chardonnay

The case for Italian Chardonnay

We all have had Chardonnay, from the strongly flavored, heavily oaked, and buttered Califorina Chard's to the hearty pure French Chardonnay and everything in between. For years the Italians have provided grapes, filler grapes, to other regions and countries. Selling their raw materials and remaining in the background, literally supporting the worlds wine trade. 

Contrary to popular belief  the Italians make superb Chardonnay, the style and quality rivals some of the better French producers and usually priced much more reasonably. However if you are expecting heavy oak and a popcorn butter flavor you may want to pass. 

Typically these high quality Italian Chard's are dry full bodied with good fruit and balance. One we recently tasted is the Bricco dei Guazzi Chardonnay from Piedmont Italy DOC. It is pale straw yellow in color with aromas of golden apple, citrus, & grasses. Flavors carry nicely from the nose, this is a full bodied, complex white wine from Italy, with good balance and structure, nice clean finish (typical of Italian whites), and is a very nice wine to pair with gourmet foods. 

Wine and food pairing suggestion:

Pair this Italian Chardonnay with antipasti including dry cured meats, young cheese, marinated vegetables . Also great with bruschetta made simply with garlic, fresh garden tomatoes, peppers and first press extra virgin olive oil.

Its time to reflect, to contemplate to reconsider the overlooked gem of Chardonnay; Chardonnay from Italy, it's worth rethinking. You will be very happy you tried it and you will be impressed. Perhaps it may become your new go to favorite white wine.


Chardonnay by  Bricco dei Guazzi, DOC, Piedmont Italy. 

The winery was constructed in the 16th century and is located in the gorgeous Monferrato Hills.  The property, Villa Camdiani Guazzo is an extraordinary estate, surrounded with gorgeous, Millennial cedars. The winery'a philosophy is summarized as blending the best of traditional methods and modern influence geared towards today's modern palate. The winemakers are dedicated, passionate and talented and it comes through in quality and consistency.



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