We Just Love Italian everything!

We Just Love Italian everything!

When we set out on this journey this passion to combine great wine and great food really one key point came to light. It's critically important to understand and appreciate that first wine and food belong together and are meant to enhance each other. Second and probably most importantly people have a real desire to understand what wine and cheese and food go together and why they go together.
The simple answer is most people go with the "eat and drink what you like" mantra. Or perhaps drink this wine because it is popular, or eat this because some A list celebrity chef said so. But the better answer is so much more complex, so much more interesting and thankfully so much more rewarding.

Food and wine have been designed for centuries regionally. Think about it up until and even still today many outstanding food and wine combinations remain undiscovered by the general public. Why because travel really has only opened up in the last century. So for thousands of years basically the only travel or cross culture experience was either War or Trade, and of that it was mostly close proximity and land based.
How many regions in our own country have we visited and discovered now just consider in Italy alone there are 20 regions, and within those regions there are hundreds if not thousands of sub-regions, cities, towns, villages and appellations. Each area is replete with its own food favorites, nuances, recipes, and traditions.

So why does regional pairing make so much sense. Well picture this, thousands of years of preparation, practice, trial and error, and sampling, tinkering and finally perfecting these wines, foods, recipes and flavors; all culminating in an excellent, fascinating, enchanting combination.
Of course we consider other factors when pairing food and wine. Yet we always seem to go back to the basic focus on authentic, organic, regional pairing. Why because it's delicious and in a way it is simply meant to be. 

The other factor that can be easily overlooked is the importance of culture and experience. Food and wine and the dining experience is also about feeling a certain way; experiencing a certain moment. The Italian experience is enchanting, there is an allure to it and attraction, for many there is a longing. Maybe it is based on romanticism, maybe just fantasy. But to those who realize it; this feeling is a calling to a culture, a unique culture and rich history. For a few brief moments we can experience, relive or romanticize, isn't that what makes life so great. The romance, the mystery, the history, the love the passion the food the wine.

We just love Italian everything!

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