Puglia is mostly comprised of beautiful sun drenched coastal areas and features scenic beaches, mountains, farms, groves, as well as cafe's, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Additionally, as with most of Italy, it boasts an assortment of interesting art, music, culture, ancient grand churches, castles, and architecture. However it is the beach that brings the people to Puglia; in essence this coastal region is the perfect destination spot for a much needed vacation.

Needless to say because of its proximity to the coast, culture, activities, food and wine revolve around the sea. With plentiful fresh fish, access to fresh vegetables, seemingly endless olive groves (Pulia is quietly resposible for almost 70% of all olives produced in Italy) as well as fabulous wineries; the area is an attractive gathering place for vacationers, tourists,  lounging beachgoers, as well as gourmet's and wine enthusiasts.

The white wine from the region is clean, and features light and refreshing indigenous varietals, including bombino, fiano, minutolo, and Chardonnay that posses enough depth and character to make interesting wines without creating a product that would be too heavy for the warm weather and lively atmosphere; not to mention these whites represent the perfect compliment (wine and food pairing ) to fish dishes. The red wines of Pulia include the very popular and exceptional Negroamaro, primitivo (a varietal clone to the red zinfandel of California), as well as nero di troia aglianico, montepulciano, and malvasia nero. Summer is an excellent time to visit the area and experience the annual festival if wine called "Radici" or the "Festival of Native grapes".

Food of the region revoloves around the coastal areas and fresh ingredients and fresh seafood. Think fresh fish or squid, prepared simply with olive oil, butter, lemon and perhaps light herbs usually grilled or fried, sometimes over pasta. So sit back, relax, grab a table by the beach and soak in the experience.

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