Valle d’Aosta

Wines of Interest:

Morgex, Enfer d’Arvier, and Gamay

Specialty foods of this Italian region:
The regions influences make for very unique blend; the staples include potatoes, riso, polenta, rye bread, Fontina, Toma and Ribiola cheese, Lardo di Arnad (a bacon made with herbs and spices), Boudin (a blood sausage made with beets giving it that fire red color), Mocetto prosciutto (dried ham made from Ibex) as well as porcini mushrooms and chestnuts.
Wine and Food pairing:

Must see places and events:
-Saint Rhemy festival and the Arnads bacon festival
-The Pre de bar glacier
-Pre Saint Didier thermal Spa
-Chamois (hit the mountains for skiing)
-Lago Blu
-Castello di Fenis

Wine zones or appellations:
DOC: Valle d’ Aosta

This tiny and often overlooked Italian region borders both France and Switzerland, the people of the area speak a dialect as similar to French as it is to Italian, the wine, food, and culture are an interesting combination of the three countries respectively with a very strong French imprint across all aspects of their lives
Capital: Aosta
Population: about 120,000
Provinces of Valle d’Aosta (Italia): Aosta

White (bianco): Blanc de Morgex, Petite Arvine, Muscat Blanc. Red (rosso): Furmin, Petit Rouge, Nebbiolo

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