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Italian cheese sampler $49.99 - Italian cheese Sampler:
This week we are featuring 5 spectacular Italian cheeses. Each one chosen for its unique qualities and each one chosen for its exceptional artisanal characteristics, superior flavor and unquestioned authenticity. -Prosecco cheese- Country Blue -Caciocavallo
-Lou Bergier Pichin: cheese made by a Frenchman, in Italy, soft, Brie/Gouda hybrid.
-Grana Padano: spectacular traditional cheese often overlooked in the states, similar to Parmigiano but less salty, more creamy, and so versatile, great for grating or the table.

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Barolo Le Gramolere & Barolo  $127.98

Barolo Le Gramolere 2004 - Lively ruby red color with intense aromas of wild berries, cherry, spices, and herbs.

Barolo 2000 - Ruby red in color with aromas of wild berries, and essence of the forest.

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