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Italian Food (Cibo Italiano)

Bring pizza dough to room temperature.In the meantime over low heat with 2 tablespoons of butter, then add thinly sliced red onions and cook until caramelized (they should be sweet and very soft).Let cool. Cover bottom of cookie sheet with extra virgin olive oil (imported Italian of course); then proceed to stretch out the dough to fit the pan (Hint:...

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Pheasant with pancetta pairs wonderfully with Barbaresco

Winery: Produttori di Barbaresco Name: Barbaresco Vintage: 1999 Region: Piedmont Sub Region: Barbaresco Country: Italy Color: Red Varietal: Nebbiolo Government Certification: DOGC Made from 100% Nebbiolo Soil: Calcareous clay, sandy veins Total Production: 150,000 bottles per year Vinification: The must ferments 3-4 weeks, maceration on the skins for 18 days. Aged for 18 months in large oak casks Wine and...

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Sicilian spaghetti with botargo paired with Grillo & Inzolia white Italian wine

Sicilian spaghetti with botargo (Bottarga) paired with Grillo & Inzolia white Italian wine Regional Italian Food and Italian wine Pairing: The Italian Wine (Vino Italiano) Italian white wine Cataldo, Grillo & Inzolia, Sicily, Italy. 2010. -Tasting notes: Golden bright yellow in color, with a fresh aroma of flowers and tastes of citrus (plumelo, lime and lemon), grasses, herbs, almonds...

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Pasta e Fagioli- Nonno’s Style

Italian Food (Cibo Italiano)How is Nonno’s Pasta e Fagioli different than Nonna’s? His secret it to add his very own homemade dry-cured sausage in addition to sautéing smoked Italian paprika with the garlic to start. Tip: keep the heat low and add the garlic first, the paprika will burn quickly if you don’t keep a close eye on it. 2-tablespoons...

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The perfect compliment to Turkey & duck? “Primitivo”

Primitivo by Caleo vineyards, 2004. Sicilia, Italy. Primitivo from Caleo provides munificent dark fruit, deep color, strong presence, and a luscious, delicious finish. This Italian wine is rich, complex and full bodied; it makes a wonderful wine to serve with lamb, turkey, grilled and barbecued meats, dishes with olives or capers and artisanal gourmet Italian cheeses.  Caleo Primitivo is both...

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