The Basics of Wine and Cheese Parings

Wine and cheese is a match made in heaven, kind of like peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies; however having appropriate wine and cheese pairings could be a little bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. With so many different types of wines and cheeses out there, so getting the right wine and cheese pairings can be a little daunting, but by getting back to basics and learning why a wine goes best with a particular type of cheese, you can come up with some creative pairings and impress your guests at your next dinner party.


Mind you, these are only guidelines in creating wine and cheese pairings, feel free to experiment and find the best match through trial and error, though keep these tips in mind the next time you order from


Neither the wine nor cheese should overpower the other, in short, if you have a mild wine, try not to pair it with a heavy cheese. The goal in pairing wines and cheeses is to have them complement each other. For example, a sweet wine like a Riesling or a Vin Santo Blush desert wine is an excellent match with a salty goat cheese or bleu cheese.


If you are celebrating a momentous occasion, stock up on brie! Champagne and sparkling wine combined with brie is one of the best wine and cheese pairings there is. The sweet buttery flavor of the brie goes great with a celebratory bottle of bubbly!


Another important is pairing acidic wines, like Chianti, Sangiovese and most white wines, with acidic cheese such as goat cheese, cheddar or feta. Try to avoid wine and cheese pairings where there is an acidic wine and Colby or Parmesan type cheese. Whenever you have a white wine, it is best to pair it with a softer cheese.


These are just some basic tip and guidelines, but in the end, it’s up to you! Remember, the reason why we have suggested wine and cheese pairings is that when you have a great combination, the wine brings out special flavors in the cheese and vice versa. Shop today and find special wine and cheese pairings for your next get together.

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