The perfect compliment to Turkey & duck? “Primitivo”

Primitivo by Caleo vineyards, 2004. Sicilia, Italy. Primitivo from Caleo provides munificent dark fruit, deep color, strong presence, and a luscious, delicious finish. This Italian wine is rich, complex and full bodied; it makes a wonderful wine to serve with lamb, turkey, grilled and barbecued meats, dishes with olives or capers and artisanal gourmet Italian cheeses.  Caleo Primitivo is both a great tasting wine and an excellent value.

The process as related by the winemaker:

The hand grown grapes are first soft pressed with (the vine separated from the juice and skins) and transferred to stainless steel holding barrels for a maceration of 8 to 10 days (with daily pumping over of the juice to extract more color and tannins). The must is then racked and lightly filtered. Fermentation then takes place with selected yeast under controlled temperatures. The finished wine is placed in stainless steel holding tanks and bottled to order. Then at the final stage it is aged 3-4 months in bottle prior to release.

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