What to drink with Pizza? Perfect Pizza pairing

What to drink with Pizza? The perfect Pizza pairing idea includes an unassuming red wine, something simple, something fun, something you could eaily enjoy either in the early afternoon ar late into the evening. 

To me this question really hinges two important factors. The first being are you eating high quality autherntic pizza? Something preferrably cooked in a wood fired oven with top notch high quality ingredients?

-OK lets talk. There is the school of thought that this Pizza is a work of art deserving the very best wine possibly available. In which case I suggest an estate vineyard Barbera.

-or- The other end of the spectrum requires a certain lattitude, a certain level of anti-establshment and a certain level of reckless youth; this would require a young fruity, but not sweet, fun but not outrageous wine such as Lambrusco. (No, not that domestic (Amercian) version of lambrusco that tastes like alcohol infused coca cola.) No we are discussing the unheralded jewel of Italian red wine, Imported Italian Lambrusco.

Fruity but not sweet, bubbly but not too feminine, this wine does not overpower pizza but in essence acts as the 2nd or 3rd topping (adding more than 3 toppings is ridiculous, period. If one utilizes pure, imported, authentic, high quality ingredients you really only need 7 ingredients;  flour, water, salt, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and extra virgin olive oil). That's it, the perfect pizza. Just make sure its cooked in a wood burning oven for goodness sake!

Lambrisco adds a fruity and refreshing accent to the fresh, light pizza without drowning or overpowering. It has some frityness which bites through the acidity of the tomatoes while not completely hiding the subtle but pure flvors of the very simpley anmd delivcately prepared Margarita pizza.


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